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Category : Motorcars
Lot No. : 4019
Year : 1960
Engine Size : 498 CC
Transmission : Manual
Colour : Red
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Patriarca Baby Junior P21


The Baby Patriarca engine is a Fiat 500 has been bored to 750 cc. It can go to 33 hp. The car is fast and reliable. The car was originally red. When the car changed racing teams the new racing team changed the car to white in 1969. The car then went to another racing team. which in 1975 painted the car in the original red color. The car was introduced to the press on December 10, 1959 in Rome, Italy. The Scuderia Roma bought some of the cars for racing purposes. The famous Italian singer Little Tony from Rome bought this particular car and he raced this car in several races. Debut of this Baby Patriarca was at the Vallelunga Track close to Rome in April 1960. At the race Little Tony took first place in its class. The racing history of the car March 19, 1960 raced in Frascati-Tuscolo taking second place, \r\nApril 18, 1960 raced at Vallelunga Race Track taking first place in class,\r\nJune 11, 1961 raced at Coppa Cup Garlenga taking first place, driver was Giovanni Palombo. The car did not race for several years. In 2014 the Patriarca started to race again participating in Vernasca Silver Flag race. A hill climb race in Piacenza, Italy. The car is perfectly restored and original. The car is registered in the historic Patriarca registry. The number in the registry is 15. The body of the car is signed by the builder of the car, Bruno Patriarca. There is documentation of the races the car was enrolled. The body of the car has been restored in 2014 to its original condition. The aluminum body has been restored in a special body shop to its original condition. The engine has been maintained the entire time it has been in the owners possession.

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