Bonhams | 2018-06-03 | Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Auction | Venue : 100 Arch Street, Greenwich, CT 06830
Lot No. : 113
Year : 1990
Engine Size : -
Chassis No. : ZFFAA17T0L0083954
Estimate : US$ 95,000 - 125,000
US$ 95,200
Ferrari Testarossa Sold


4,942cc DOHC Flat 12-Cylinder Engine
Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection
380bhp at 6,300rpm
5-Speed Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
*Design icon of the 1980s
*In the present ownership since 1992
*Nicely maintained, well-kept example
*Optioned in classic Rossa Corsa
*Clear CARFAX report
Ferrari's flagship model, the Testarossa supercar, revived a famous name from the Italian company's past when it arrived in 1984. A 'next generation' Berlinetta Boxer, the Testarossa retained its predecessor's amidships-mounted, 5.0-liter, flat-12 engine, which now boasted a maximum power output of 380bhp at 6,300rpm, courtesy of four-valve cylinder heads. The new supercar was now capable of reaching a top speed of 180mph.
The gill slats feeding air to its side-mounted radiators became one of the modern era's most instantly recognizable - and copied - styling devices. The Testarossa was a larger car than the 512BB - the increase in width accommodating a roomier cabin and wider tires. The new design managed to combine high downforce with a low coefficient of drag with the absence of extraneous spoilers and other such devices. Despite the increase in size over the 512BB, the Testarossa was lighter than its predecessor. The body was made up almost entirely from strong, lightweight aluminum with the exception of the doors and roof which were constructed of steel. Luxury touches in the well-equipped cabin included air conditioning, electrically adjustable seats, tilting steering wheel and plentiful leather. Unlike some of its rivals, the Testarossa possessed light controls and was relatively easy to drive - factors which when paired with its outstanding performance and stunning looks, contributed to an instant and sustained high level of demand.
This 1990 example of the iconic boxer powered Ferrari has spent the better part of its life in the sunshine and dry air of southern California. Finished in the classic color scheme of Rossa Corsa, this V-12 powered gran-tourer also features a sleek black leather interior.
Little is known about the destination of the original delivery or the vehicle's first owner. According to the CarFax however, the earliest history of the vehicle dates to 1996 in Newport Coast, California, where the Ferrari was reported to have just 6,500 miles. Various title updates occurred in the Golden State through the new millennium accruing several thousand more miles and a handful of new owners. In 2014, the vehicle made the trip east to Wisconsin where a new owner is reported as taking care of the Italian thoroughbred. Another trip further east was made by the car in 2016 when the vehicle was newly registered to the state of New Jersey. Since that date, it has remained in the state and currently shows 34,000 miles on the odometer.
A nicely presented, honest Ferrari, it appears in good shape both inside and out with no serious blemishes to be found. Showing just over 1,200 miles a year since leaving the showroom and offered with its tool roll in the front trunk, this Testarossa would make an excellent addition to any collection and certainly represents the future of the hobby with growing enthusiasm for the model among rising collectors.

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