Brightwells Classic Vehicles | 2018-10-24 | Bicester Classic & Vintage | Venue : Bicester Heritage, Buckingham Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 5HA
Year : 1986
Engine Size : 3,400 cc
Registration No. : WBK 789
Chassis No. : #103654
Engine No. : 7J51803-8
Estimate : £ 56,000 - 64,000
Jaguar C-Type Replica Not Sold
Lovely 3.4 litre C-Type recreation; fastidious build with body moulded from an original - not a kit; triple Webers; lovely patina and driving experience

A remarkably authentic recreation of Jaguars legendary Le Mans winning C Type, built to a very high standard in the mid 80’s by a professional engineer who had access to an original example. His aim was to replicate the exact look and driving experience of the original and he succeeded.
The chassis is an exact copy both dimensionally and in its construction, and the moulds for the body panels were taken directly from the original, enabling an absolutely correct body shell to be replicated by a top quality boat builder. This resulted in a far more durable and hard wearing exterior, able to withstand normal ‘wear and tear’ better than the original bodies. All internal panel work is aluminium.
The engine is a correct 3.4 litre XK unit, 9.1cr, running on triple Webers, modified cams, ported head, original C Type exhaust manifolds and high capacity sump. It has disc brakes and adjustable shocks all round with the correct live rear axle with ‘A’ frame location, four speed moss box with overdrive, and conventional wishbone front suspension, rather than torsion bars.
The considerable attention to detail includes correct instrumentation and switch gear, a handmade ‘cloth’ covered wiring loom (from the original suppliers), correct fixing straps, fuse boxes, light unit, bonnet locks etc, and a surprisingly weather proof tonneau cover.
It is registered as a 1960 Jaguar Mk2 sports (showing two previous owners), and has been owned and continually improved over the past 32 years by the original constructor and now has a wonderful patina.
This ‘one of a kind’ recreation is regularly mistaken for an original, so much so, that according to the Vendor, actually feels and drives as an original. It is modelled on XKC 029 which competed in the 1953 Carrera Panamericana and was sponsored by the Mexican government. The roll bar is easily detachable, but provides suitable protection for competition work and again is a copy of an original.
Some recent history is available, but sadly the earlier history was lost during a house move. It is the perfect car for trips to the Le Mans Classic, or perhaps blasting over the South Downs en route to Goodwood where you are sure to arrive with an enormous grin!

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